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UX Services

UX Design

UX design

We design intuitive digital experiences that seamlessly work across all platforms from desktop to mobile. We work closely with our clientes to ensure that our design meets their business goals and connects them to their desired target audience.


Usability consulting

We review your website or app and discover new ways to improve it aligned with your business goals. Together we first develop user stories then we test these with selected users. The findings are then analysed and the appropriate improvements are then outlined. 

User personas

Based on user interviews and research we create User Personas with detailed personalities and needs. These help us to empathise with your audience and build user centred designs that resolve real problems.

User personas

Prototype wireframes

Wireframes are a simple black and white design used to test a design concept. They allow us to quickly produce and test ideas to get products out to market quicker and more effectively.  

Prototype wireframes


It’s great to have a trusted ally to help you out whenever you’re feeling unsure or in need of support. James can help you set goals, make smarter decisions, face workplace challenges or simply offer an outside perspective when you’re feeling frustrated by the lack of progress. 

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